Guide for Norton Setup to protect your digital life via

Protecting your smart devices such as PCs, laptop and Mobile devices are as easy as adding a new device on your Norton account. Due to the rising popularity of Norton Antivirus, more and more people are looking out for ways to download, install and activate the software on as many devices as possible.

Whether it’s a subscription plan or a trial version, Norton offers a variety of Antivirus plans to make a stand against unwanted harmful online threats. It is emerging as a highly sophisticated Antivirus technology for online protection as well as privacy of data, offering a one-stop solution for all your security issues.

A concise, simple and fastest way to download, install and activate Norton Setup through

Be it any virus, malware, cybercriminal or other threats, nothing can harm your devices and access your data without your permission. If you desire to have any of the plans mentioned above on your device, then you can access them via to download, install and activate antivirus on your device.

But before we discuss how to do so, you need to keep a couple of things in your mind. First, you must ensure that all the devices meet the minimum system requirements for installation such as RAM, hard drive space, 64 Bit processor, Windows, etc. Besides, you must uninstall any other programs or any active antivirus that came pre-installed in your device to avoid installation conflict between software.

Steps for Norton Setup

1.       Go to and login to your Norton account by entering the ID and password that you used while creating the account

2.       If you don’t have an existing account, then create one by filling up your details

3.       Open Norton Setup window and select your subscription plan and click on “download” the Norton Setup

4.       Now, you’ll be prompted to enter your 25 digits alphanumeric character activation product key that came along with your subscription plan

5.       Click on the “agree” and start downloading the Norton Setup

6.       Once the Norton Setup is downloaded, go the downloaded file and save it

7.       You will get the choice of selecting from different versions and language

8.       Double-click on the file to start installation and follow the procedure as per the instructions mentioned on-screen to complete the process.

9.       Once you successfully installed the Norton Setup, you need to activate the program.

10.   Now, you can open the installed Norton product

11.   In the main window, click the “Help” button

12.   Now, you’ll be prompted to enter your Norton Product key

13.   Enter the product Key in the given space available under Account information.

14.   Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed and activated Norton Setup product on your device and now, enjoy the safe browsing.In case you find it difficult to follow the process, you can contact us on Norton Customer Support to help you get it done. You can find the contact details via


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