How to fix Windows update service not running error

Windows OS is undoubtedly the first choice of computer users across the world. Its user-friendly interface, exceptional features, and the ease of installation are what make it stand apart in the crowd. These features don’t guarantee that the operating system will never malfunction. One of the most common problems users of the Windows operating system have complained about is that the Windows update stuck. The error message users receive is:

“Windows update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not working.”

The occurrence of this issue causes the Windows operating system to stop checking for the updates. Before you check out the fix, know the reasons why updating Windows OS is necessary:

  1.       For smooth functioning of the operating system
  2.       For troubleshooting the bugs
  3.       To bring in new features and functionalities
  4.       To keep the operating system up-to-date with the new technology

Now, read the information below to know how to get rid of this technical glitch:

Method 1:

Windows update associated services – Restart them now!

It might happen that the Windows update related services are disabled. Therefore, restart the services to set them to default settings, i.e., enabled. Here is how you can do that:

  1.       Open the Run box from the Windows Start menu or directly pressing “Windows + R” key from the keyboard
  2.       Enter services.msc
  3.       Hit the Ok button
  4.       You will see a window including the snap-in of all Services
  5.       Choose Background Intelligent Transfer Service
  6.       Set the Startup type to Automatic        
  7.       Skip the step, if it is already Automatic
  8.       Click the Start button
  9.       If it is already ON, then click the Stop button and then hit Start again
  10.       Now, double-click the Cryptographic Services
  11.       Repeat Step 7 to restart it
  12.   Double-click the Windows update, and repeat the Step 7 to set it on Automatic mode
  13.   Now, quit the window and restart your computer system

Method 2

Disable the antivirus for a while

Sometimes an antivirus may stop any update to finish. Disable it for sometimes, update your Windows and then enable the antivirus again.

Method 3

Update your device drivers

If the drivers installed on your device are out of date, then you might see problems related to the operating system update. Fix the same by updating the device drivers.

Hope you get your Windows update service not running fixed!

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